My name is kailoon, I’m the founder for themetation.com. Besides running this site, I also maintain a web design tutorial blog. I mainly write tutorials on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and CSS. I’m a web designer for an online advertising company during the day, thats my full time job.

As for Themetation, well, I know there must be something on your mind on the name. I intend to express what themes are about with Themetation, sometimes themes sexy and hot and other times they can just be plain boring and dull. I hope to make it easier and less time consuming for you to find the perfect theme for your site or blog.

I will try my effort to release more premium theme which is CSS/XHTML validated. I found that most of the theme out there do not consider this part and I want to give my best to my clients.

You can read my terms for the theme usages or send me mail for any requests.

Thanks and have a great day!