60+ Awesome WordPress Tutorials

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Everyone want to have their own WordPress theme, they want to be unique and be able to present their own style. Here I have compile a list of “how to create your own WordPress theme” tutorials/articles. I hope this can save your time on searching and pay attention to your very own WordPress theme development.


Before start your own WordPress Theme, you may need to know how to install WordPress. Just in case if you don’t know.

1. How to Install WordPress on Your Own Server + Video Tutorial

Michael D. Pollock shows you how to install WordPress on your own server via step by step tutorial and screencast.

2. Multiple WordPress Installations Using a Single Database

Streamline your WordPress set-up by installing multiple instances of WordPress on the same database.

3. My WordPress Install Process

David Peralty is sharing his experience on how to install WordPress and break down the process into step by step tutorial.

4. Leopard: How to Install WordPress

Installing a local version of wordpress is one of the first things most designers and developers need to do. Leopard adds many new wrinkles to this task. These steps should get you up and running as painlessly as possible on OS X 10.5.

Theme Tutorials

I don’t know why, I think the most wanted tutorial from WordPress is designing a theme.

WordPress Theme

5. So you want to create WordPress themes huh? ( Site is down )

A series of tutorials guiding you to create your very own WordPress theme. I think this quite popular.

6. How To Create WordPress Themes From Scratch

A series of tutorial guiding you to create a WordPress theme from scratch. Ya, this is by me. This is a little bit advance because there is a section involved creating featured post.

7. Make your Own WordPress Theme – Part 1

Another series of tutorial guiding you to create a WordPress theme. This tutorials break into 7 parts, quite details.

8. Stop Tweaking! Create Your Own WordPress Theme

This is a very basic tutorial, I recommend to anyone how are very new to WordPress but wish to learn how to create WordPress theme.

9. Premium WordPress Theme Design Part 1 – The Photoshop Mock Up

As you can see from the title, this is something premium. So, make sure you have enough knowledge to continue reading…

10. How to Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch

Nettuts present this awesome tutorial (written by Sam Parkinson).

11. How-To: Create a WordPress Theme in 5 minutes

This is hardcore, in 5 minutes. But it is quite complete, I admit that.

12. WordPress for designer

This is my favorite tutorial, it is fun to learn via screencast. Besides, the tutorial is very complete.

13. Complete WordPress Theme Guide

A comprehensive guide on how to install WordPress and customize theme. Also check out the part 2 of this tutorial – Building Custom WordPress Theme.

14. Build a Newspaper Theme with WP_Query and the 960 CSS Framework

WordPress Theme

For a non-traditional or magazine-style layout, this tutorial will take you through the specific WordPress coding that’s involved and you’ll create a simple, but attractive, sample layout.

15. Designing for WordPress

Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks has a three-part video series for downloading and installing WordPress, all the way through everything else involved with designing a custom theme. The example theme that is built through the series is a personalized homepage theme.

16. Developing a WordPress Theme

Deziner Folio did a tutorial that covers the basics of the header, sidebar, footer and index files. This one is not as in-depth as some of the others on this list, but it is a good place to get a quicker understanding of theme development.

17. Creating a WordPress Template

A video tutorial series ( part2 and 3) for creating a WP theme using a variety of free tools.

18. How to make a “child theme” for WordPress

A video tutorial.

19. Creating A WordPress Theme

Another nice guide.

20. How to write your own wordpress theme

A very extensive tutorial which covers the basics.

WordPress Theme Hacks and Techniques

Here are some WordPress hacks for you to make WordPress a better blogging tool.

WordPress Hacks

21. Mastering WordPress Theme Hacks and Techniques

By Noupe.

22. WordPress Theme Hacks

A collection of simple WordPress hacks that you’ll find yourself reusing all the time when working with themes.

23. Category Hacks for WordPress Theme Designers

Category Hacks for WordPress Theme Designers by VandelayDesign. Also check out the Category Styling for posts in a certain category using CSS.

24. Multiple Page Layouts in a Single Template

If you’re looking for a more diversified template for sub-pages in a template, check out this quick tutorial for mutiple page layouts in a single template.

25. WordPress as a CMS – Content Management System

Turn WordPress into a real CMS.

Menu And Navigation

Menu is the main part of a web design. It may somehow attract people to navigate, also, easy to navigate is still the key. But nowadays, people want it to be more advance and nice looking!

WordPress Hacks

26. Rounded Corner Tab Menus

Rubique has a quick tutorial on how to use CSS to make rounded corners for your WordPress menus.

27. Using Sliding Doors with WordPress Navigation

The Sliding Doors technique is a great way to utilize CSS and background images to make tabbed navigation. WPHacks shows us how to utilize Sliding Doors to enhance WordPress navigation.

28. WordPress Categories in a Horizontal Drop-down Menu

How to use CSS and Javascript to make a horizontal drop-down menubar.

29. How To: Making a Categories Drop-Down Menu

Making a Categories Drop-Down Menu.

30. Magazine style Horizontal dropdown menu

Magazine alike horizontal dropdown menu. Great one!

31. Dynamic Menu Highlighting

Dynamic menu highlighting is a way to give users a reference point with which to navigate.


Well, people like to discuss, debate and even fire to each other. So, a nice comment design is necessary.

WordPress Hacks

32. Styling Your WordPress Comments

How to make your comment area looks more standout.

33. Separating Trackbacks from Comments

How to separate trackbacks and comments. I also have the same tutorial here.

34. Adding Recent Comments To Your WordPress Theme

How to display recent comments in the sidebar.

35. Ajax Commenting

Implementing Ajax into comment. Make it more interactive and user friendly.

36. How-to style WordPress author comments

Make author comment more stand out.

37. Separate Comments from Trackbacks

It’s a good idea to separate trackbacks from your comments.


The Ultimate WordPress Security Guide – Step by Step

WordPress security is a topic of huge importance for every website owner.

Theme Option Or backend

39. WordPress as a CMS

WordPress isn’t just a blogging tool, it can also be a CMS with the help of some plugins and theme retooling.

40. Exporting WordPress Data

Learn how to import and export your WordPress posts and comments with this handy screencast.

41. Create an Options Page For Your WordPress Theme

In this article we will be incorporating an options panel for the ‘WordPress Classic’ theme. The methods you learn will allow you to very easily integrate it into an existing theme you’re working on.

42. Create an Options Page For Your WordPress Theme

In this article we will be incorporating an options panel for the ‘WordPress Classic’ theme. The methods you learn will allow you to very easily integrate it into an existing theme you’re working on.


43. Your First WP Plugin

Mark Jaquith has a short-and-sweet screencast on how to create your first WordPress plugin in under 5 minutes.

44. How to Write a Simple WordPress Plugin

A step-by-step guide to a simple and fun WordPress plugin.

45. Screencast on Writing a WordPress Plugins

If you’re rather see a visual demonstration of how to write a WordPress plugin, look no further than the Weblog Tools Collection screencast.

46. How to create WordPress Plugin from a scratch

47. How to make a WordPress plugin with less than 20 lines of code

48. How to Make a Social Bookmarking WordPress Plugin – Step by Step

Make a social bookamarking plugin.


49. Making Better Use of Your Error 404 Page

50. Creating a dynamic sticky

51. How To Display Ads Only To Search Visitors

52. A custom login page

53. Display Twitter messages in WordPress

54. Allow Users To Submit Blog Post

55. Creating An Automatic Sitemap

Sitemaps help users navigate the site, as well as allow search engines to have quick access to all of your blog’s pages. Here’s a tutorial on how to create an automatic sitemap for your WordPress installation.

56. Build a Dynamic Design Portfolio

A terrific guide on how to utilize the query_posts tag to create a design portfolio with WordPress.

57. Create a User Contributed Link Feed w/ WordPress Comments

If you’re wanting to add a Nettuts+ style link feed, Collis has an excellent tutorial on how to utilize WordPress comments to create the feed.

58. Add a Twitter Field to your Form

How to install the twitip-id plugin to include a field for commenters to leave their Twitter ID.

59. How to Add Photo Captions

Good photo captions aren’t that something that WordPress themes usually come with out of the box. This screencast shows how to correctly add photo captions into your posts.

60. RSS-Only Posts

This tutorial shows you how to create posts that only appear in RSS feeds, in hopes to improve RSS subscriber counts.

61. WordPress SEO

Yaost has a lengthy tutorial on how to squeeze the most SEO out of your WordPress blog.

62. Make a Random Post Button

Adding a random post button is only a SQL query and PHP snippet away.

63. Learn How to Make Your Blog Accessiblen

Most blogs don’t conform to WAI/WCAG standards in terms of accessibility. Learn how to meet these standards with Bruce Lawson’s accessibility hacks.

64. Blog Posts in Different Columns

If you’re wanting a little more advanced look and feel to your blog, try setting the posts to display in different columns.


Am I missing something? If you have any other good resources about WordPress tutorials, feel free to leave it with your comment. I hope you enjoy this list!

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