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November 13th, 2008 by under Blog, Tips

After the release of the “How to Create WordPress Theme from Scratch” series, I received tons of feedbacks. There are good and bad.

The good one is it is useful and able to help many people to kick start their own WordPress Themes. The bad side is my grammar mistakes, writing skills and the way I present the tutorials. I apologized against my bad writing and I will try to improve in the future writing.

I’ve review back to some of the feedback stating that they need something more basic. Even some of them ask for basic CSS and HTML for WordPress. Well, there is no such thing only for WordPress. But I will try to guide you from the ground.

Today, I will start another series of tutorial leading you to the way to set up a wordpress site. I will also include some of the basic CSS and HTML so you will be able to modify the theme by yourselves.

How to Install WordPress

This topic has been discussed for many times before. Basically, there are two methods to install WordPress. I’ve include the source article for your reference.

  1. Automatically – While you do not know how to use the FTP. This is your best option.
  2. Manually – You can handle everything on your side.

Before you get thing started or decide which option you should go for, kindly check out the original article about Installing WordPress by WordPress.

If you want to test run the site locally in your own PC/MAC. You can try this tutorial by Nick la.

The Most Useful Plugins for WordPress

After you’ve set up the site, the next big thing you need to do is to install some good plugins for your site. Plugins is a tool or add-on for your site in order to extend the functionality and performance of the site. I’ve listed the most essential plug-in that you must include:

  1. All in One SEO Pack
    • Automatically optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization).
  2. Google XML Sitemaps
    • This plugin will create a Google sitemaps compliant XML-Sitemap of your WordPress blog.

Well, that’s all. You hear me right. This is the recommended MUST have plugins to kick start a site. Other than this, it depends on your personal preferences. If you still think that you need more. Check out the links below:

Plugins For General Use

  1. Useful WordPress Plugins
  2. Recommended WordPress Plugins
  3. Top 10 Underrated WordPress Plugins
  4. Top WordPress Plugins
  5. Top 30 WordPress Plugins that are actually useful!
  6. 13 of the best WordPress plugins

Plugins For WordPress As CMS

  1. Best WordPress Plugins
  2. The top 20 plugins to transform WordPress in a CMS
  3. Five WordPress “CMS Enabling” Plugins
  4. Top 10 WordPress CMS Plugins

Plugins For Blogging

If you are doing blogging, you may interest in these:

  1. Top 30 WordPress Plugins in Blog sphere.
  2. 50 Best WordPress Plugins for Power Blogging.
  3. Top WordPress Plugins for the Smart Blogger
  4. 10 WordPress Plugins for New Blogs

If there is still not enough, browse through the WordPress Plugins directory.

Coming Up Next…

That’s all for today, the next article will guide you in how to get the themes you that most suit your needs. Not forgotten the Free WordPress Themes and Premium WordPress Themes out there which are always a talking point by the community.

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