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It has been quite some times I didn’t update this site. I am currently busy in building another free themes for you guys. In the meanwhile, I also trying to create my first video tutorial. This tutorial will be covering the slicing process. Since I had received quite a lot of feedback according to that process was missing. So, I am trying to respond for that.

Themetation Achievement

Something to share with you if you still don’t notice. One of our free WordPress Theme was being featured in smahsingmagazine! Even thought it is only one among the best of 30, but I still think that it is some kind of achievement for Themetation or to me myself.

Missing Step In Part 2

I notice that most of you do not understand the steps I explained in the part 2 about the layout slicing. I am currently trying to make it into a video tutorial. I never try this before. So, I hope that it can produce some good result. As you know, my English writing is already not good. So, I don’t think I am able to do the narration for the video. Sorry about that.

Next Free Theme

For the next free theme, it is on the way. Pleas forgive me for the delay of update here. It is kind of tired to handle too many stuff with only 2 hands. However, I will still try to give the best to you.

Themetation Forum

This forum is for you to share, help and discuss whatever related to WordPress.

About free theme support, sometimes I may not able to respond to you. But I’ve set up the forum and i notice that some of the members there don’t mind to answer your question. If you still not a member yet, you can register now.

Themetation Direction

Personally, I don’t think I will follow what people did to post the latest free wordpress themes, latest wordpress plugins and etc. I think you can get those info easily out there. I will only provide original tips and tricks, guides in using WordPress, High Quality WordPress Themes and others.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks!

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