Christmas Giveaway: 15 High Quality Premium WordPress Themes

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Christmas is coming soon and we are happy to announce a huge giveaway at Themetation. We’ve prepare 15 high quality and sexy Premium WordPress Themes for you! All these amazing themes are available at ThemeForest and selling fast! If you still don’t know what is ThemeForest, here is a little brief about them.

Contest End



ThemeForest is an Envato Marketplace. At ThemeForest you can buy and sell HTML templates as well as themes for popular CMS products like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal with prices ranging from just $5 up to $40. Items are priced on the complexity, quality and use of the file. The site is home to a bustling community of web designers and developers and is the biggest marketplace of its kind.


Ok, let’s see what you can win from there!

1. Twicet Business & Portfolio – WordPress – 5 in 1 by Kriesi


Twicet is a WordPress Template, best suited for Business and Portfolio sites. It comes with 5 sleek skins. This is also the top selling WordPress theme on ThemeForest!

2. Display 3 in 1 – Business & Portfolio WordPress by Kriesi


DISPLAY is a WordPress Theme, best suited for Business and Portfolio sites. It comes with a fantastic 3D Image slideshow that can be controlled from your backend with a custom tool. The Theme has a huge wordpress custom backend (8 additional Admin Pages) that make customization of the Theme easy for those who dont know much about coding or wordpress.

3. Modern Portfolio/blog theme by Hein Maas


This theme has now been updated with a fully working contact form, so you no longer need a plugin for this, and it’s integrated inside a custom contact page template, Next update will contain the dropdown and portfolio navigation

4. BVD-Beautiful Website Design-Wordpress by Marko Prljić


This is a Beautiful Website Design – Business Portfolio Blog Template.

5. Dynamic Premium WordPress Theme 4 in 1 by Khan


This theme is a fixed layout with two . This site is best suitable for a business, company, Blog, portfolio, or for individuals who are looking to have a fully featured website such as freelancer portfolio website etc.

6. Memex Business WordPress Template by Khan


Memex Business WordPress Template is a feature-packed portfolio/blog theme that includes a full-featured, Admin Panel to change numerous options like theme switching to different colors, Homepage big heading.

7. RT-Theme 5 / Business Theme 10 in 1 for WordPress by Tolga


RT-Theme 5 wordpress edition is best suited for business, corporate or service websites.

8. UniSphere Minim Corporate and Portfolio by UniSphere


UniSphere Minim is a WordPress theme designed with corporate businesses in mind. It has a custom CMS integrated into the WordPress administration area that allows you to build a fully functional professional website in minutes. The theme is also well suited for online portfolios and blogs.

9. vCard Professional Portfolio WordPress Edition by Ivor Padilla


This is a professional and clean vCard based on Tim Van Damme’s website. With this design you can use almost any background.

10. Liquid Magazine – Unique Fluid Grid Layout by Michael ( Mixey )


Liquid Magazine is truly unique theme with fluid grid layout!

11. Atlantica (WordPress) – Premium Portfolio Template by Brandon


This theme is a complete WordPress Theme, designed from the ground up to function first and foremost as a portfolio, then as a comprehensive WordPress theme that can be used for just about any site that needs a beautiful layout.

12. ShapeShifter – One Page, Infinite Possibilities. by Brandon


This is easily the most fun I’ve ever had working on a WordPress theme to date! ShapeShifter is a single-page WordPress template that has been designed to be just about the simplest theme you could possibly every use. This theme is lean, mean, and ready for you to install in minutes.

13. Photo Blogger + Portfolio WordPress 2 in 1 by imaginem


Photo Blogger is a minimalistic wordpress theme which can be easily installed to showcase your photographs, artworks, or designs with content. This theme supports displaying of large images. It has an option to either choose gallery mode to view the pictures in category list or view them in traditional blog style.

14. My WordPress by kailoon


My WordPress is a professional WordPress theme with the intent and focus on creating a community site. It is widget ready, print ready, page-navi ready, ad optimization ready, SEO friendly, smooth tabbing and dropdown using jquery, breadcumb integrated and many more!

15. Our Magazine by kailoon


A powerful WordPress theme special for online magazine, community, network or any site with rich content. It is modern, clean, and sexy ~

How To Win?

1. Simple comment on this post will do.
2. Write about which theme you would like to win and why? And, how are you going to use it?
3. We will randomly pick the winner for each theme.
4, Winner will be contacted by the theme author directly via email, so, please comment with your contactable email address.


Theme Name
I like this theme because …
I am going to use it …

Term & Conditions

1. Every participant will only win 1 copy of theme.
2. Every participant can only win 1 item.
3. There will be no support provided in the future for all the prizes. ( No worry, there is a detailed documentation within the file )
4. Each theme can only be used on one single domain for once.
5. Comment will be closed on 24th December 2009.


Special thanks to ThemeForest to allow me to have this wonderful giveaway in this wonderful Christmas. Also, not forgotten to say thank you to all the awesome themes creators!

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